Introducing AdCentral Social Media.

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Connect your social media accounts.

Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business!

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Professional Content.

Month to month posting without supervision

Our intelligent app is capable of keeping your posts going as long as you have a subscription with us! However, you can always log in and manage your posts weekly and monthly.


We provide everything for your post.

Shuffle the image and post description

Do you see an image or caption you don’t like? With an easy click on “shuffle” you can go through our library until you find one you love!


Customize your text.

Would you rather type up your own captions?

Think you got the perfect caption for a post?
Lucky for you, you can add your own text to your post to make it more personalized.

Select services you want to promote!

A wide variety of categories to choose from!

We know you might want to push iPad repair this month, and maybe pre-owned devices next month. That is why you can choose what categories to use each month from our content library!



Keep up with your engagement, and post reach!

Impressions, shares, posts, engagement, and post reach are all part of the analytics section on all our posted material on an easy and convenient way to scroll through and review.