Your screens can do more.

All the professional content you need in one app

Videos and graphics you can customize for your TVs!


Professional Videos.

Awesome professional videos

These are videos especially made to grab your customers’ attention and tell them more about your services and your brand!


Static Templates.

Graphics you can fully customize!

With templates you can fully customize colors, wording, and set information that is relevant to your store! You can do pricing for iPhone repair or store hours for a holiday. We provide all the graphics!

Dynamic Templates.

Premium graphics with animation!

Dynamic templates are graphics with professional grade animations that you can fully customize. You can change colors to match your brand and customize the text to inform your customers about your discounts, pricings, deals, and more!


No more pen drives.

A high performing cloud based app

Adcentral TV is not only about the content, it is also about our amazing app! With our app you can drive content and updates within seconds! It is truly written in a silicon-valley code standard.


AdCentral TV app.


More platforms means more possibilities for our users to start right away. However, if you need a device, contact us to find out how to get a free TV box from us.

Apple TV 4th and 5th generation.
Android TV 7.1 and
1st generation lite, 3rd generation,
1st generation 4k.

If you're interested in using an Android TV device, we highly recommend this product to increase compatibility and performance using our products.

Screen orientation.

Landscape or portrait, your choice!

What about vertical screens? When you experience our portrait mode, you won’t just see content, you’ll see the full app which we will be oriented accordingly! 


Do you have your own videos and images?

Upload your own content!

You can now use our platform to upload your own content! We have built the same powerful engine that powers ours so you can control everything the same way you do on your AdCentral account!


A great brand has great content.

Customize all our content with your brand


Join the metaverse.

Join the metaverse

Turn walk-in customers into fans! We know how expensive it is to bring a customer in the door. We want you to retain those customers by adding them to your digital audience. Once in, it is your job to keep them engaged!

You can also check AdCentral Social Media and let us do that job for you!

Got your own videos and images?

Upload you own content

Sticky mode allows your TV device to alwayshave Adcentral on and to always be playing!
It doesn’t matter if you bump accidentally the remote, this mode will ensure your loops don’t stop playing.