Activity Feed

A new way to manage your tickets

The activity feed keeps you informed about all updates happening with a repair. Quickly access the pre-repair diagnostic form or even before/after photos of the device.

Stay Informed

We remember the details

✓ Every test is saved to the ticket for simplicity
✓ Status updates change throughout the repair
✓ Tech notes before, during, and after the repair
✓ Customer notes to keep them updated during

Before or After?

Upload photos

Easily document a device pre-repair and post-repair allowing for transparency and documentation within the repair ticket.

Name your status

Creative Automation

We allow you to create, modify and adjust status labels to manage your workflow process when checking in a new device. Design what works for you!

Repeat Customers

Fix It, Again

We’ve all got them, repeat customers. When a customer returns with a device you’ve already repaired, you can easily pull up their repair history.

You can quickly browse by IMEI or the customer’s name to see their ticket history.

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