Your screens can do more

All the professional content you need in one app

Retail-ready designs. No more BYOD (Bring Your Own Designs)!


Work hard, automate harder

Full access to our library

With our library of custom-created content, you'll no longer need to spend hours of your time revising and editing with other designers.


Static Templates

Graphics you can fully customize!

With templates, you can fully customize colors, wording, and set information that is relevant to your store!

You can do pricing for iPhone repair or store hours for a holiday. We provide all the graphics!

Dynamic Templates

Premium graphics with animation!

Just like our static templates, except these are fully animated. You can edit the text and personalize it with your colors.

We created these to have engaging content at all times. This includes 3D renders and high-quality video and audio experiences.


Categories for days

A wide collection of templates for you to choose from

Keeping our templates library up-to-date ensures that you are aware of the latest and greates products and services to offer to your clients!


Match your brand

Do you want your content to align with your brand guidelines? We have you covered. All our designs include a color manager, so your brand is always consistent!

Over 140+ languages

One click translations

With our automatic translator, you can change languages in your templates in seconds.

Your own words, your own pricing

Easy editing

We create all of our templates from a marketing perspective. However, if you have your own brand wording, use it!

You do, however, want to set your own prices, which should take less than 1 minute!

Screen orientation

Landscape or portrait, your choice!

Vertical screens?

When you experience our portrait mode, it is not only all our content but also the full TV app will orientate accordingly!


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