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Quick overview

What is Trade-Ins?

Trade-Ins is a powerful desktop application ready to streamline your trade-ins. By simply plugging in a device you can process a complete diagnostic including the hardware and the device information.

Instantly check iCloud, Blacklist, and Carrier locks. We then provide a guaranteed offer on the device and assist you in streamlining the customer experience with the signing of the agreement and bill of sale.

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Trade-Ins step by step process

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Imagine tapping into a booming $23.6 Billion market by 2030! Dive into the thriving world of refurbished and used mobile phones with our software.

Step 1
Customer Info

Capture essential contact details for seamless communication and service.

Step 2
Device Evaluation

Plug the device in to test the device thoroughly. Our software checks for device functionality, system locks, IMEI checks, and cosmetic grading.

These factors allow our system to provide a GUARANTEED price for you!

step 3
You are in charge of profits!

Along with an AdCentral Guaranteed Price, we also provide a Suggested purchase price! You can move the suggested price up and down to maximize your profits!

step 4
Peace of Mind

Our app prevents the purchase of bad devices. If a device has any security lock such as iCloud or MDM, it will not allow users to purchase that device. The same would happen with a blacklisted IMEI.

step 5
Paperwork is so 1900’s Bro

Keeping track of every purchase is important for you and your customers. Our app sends a digital bill of sale via SMS to your customer to fill on their device and it updates real time!

No phone? No problem! We will also give you a link you can open in any device for your customer to fill out!

step 6
Trade-In Summary

This summary can be accessed at any time after a Trade-In to ensure everything is well documented!

step 7
Efficient Tracking

Our app dashboard allows you to keep track of all trade-ins! We believe in automation, and this is part of building a structured business. We are all for it!

step 8
Make it Rain! 💸

Ship your device using the provided shipping label. All payouts will be processed within two days.

Payout methods currently supported are PayPal, ACH, CashApp, Venmo and Zelle.


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