Efficiency starts here

Diagnostic results within seconds

Diagnose and obtain device information with ease.

Battery Health

Be informative

Having the battery health results as part of the form allows you to educate the customer on when it’s time to replace their battery.

Account Locks

See all of it

We’re not just going to tell you if the front camera works! We’re checking for everything, including MDM, iCloud lock, profiles, and more!

Internal Diagnostics

Verify functionality

With our diagnostics, you can easily identify failed parts quickly. You’re even able to check for tristar issues with it!

External Diagnostics

Just a few buttons

Of course, we can’t automatically test certain features.

Manual testing of buttons, FaceID, TouchID, and other parts requires a little human interaction.

Additional Tests

Looking for more?

Other manual tests are wireless charging, speaker, LCD color, assistive touch, vibrator, and microphone tests.

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