A new software to process your devices

The fastest diagnostic software in the market!

Hands-free testing, cloud-based app, IMEI checks. All in one app!

Monitor your Purchase Orders

Easy batch tracking

Register every incoming PO and be ready even before the product lands. Track and manage each batch using our status feature.

Made for bulk device processing

Parallel testing is so 1990

Our ability to do a hands-free test within seconds allows you to test one device at a time faster than any other platforms out there!

Don’t believe us? Give it a try!

A manual form to add even DOA devices

Add any device, even if unable to test

Not only can you keep track of all devices in a batch including DOA devices, you can still run the IMEI and make sure it is all good for after repair.

Device Labels

One-click easy printing

Standard device labels (Dymo 30256) are printed for every device!

Reports are important

Real-time batch summary!

You can either see it on the platform or print a nice batch report. The important part is to always know what your testing looks like.