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Our app will allow you to control any content you need to display in your retail store. Our service is not BYOD (Bring Your Own Design). We provide all content as well!

Manage one or thousands of stores

Why AdCentral TV?

The days of flash drives are long gone. Our cloud-based app allows you to manage content from our library, edit it, customize colors, set the display order, and set your logo to maximize your brand!

Easy sign up

Create an account

To begin, sign up with a google account and follow the steps to set up your personal account in under a minute.


Add as many stores as needed!

You can control as many stores as you’d like. Our platform was built for retail locations. And we understand that having control over multiple locations is vital.

Enterprise accounts support permissions, design guidelines, own control panel, and any integration needed.

TV App

Link a device

Linking a device with us is easy peasy! Our TV app will provide a six-digit code to link that device to your account.

Once a tv is linked, you can name it to ensure you send the content intended for that part of the store. For example, Accessory Wall will have a loop with content about accessories.

Control your content

Create your own loops

You can create as many loops as you’d like. You can assign one loop to all your TVs or create custom ones for each TV, depending on what you want to advertise!

You can also manage the order of the content to be displayed or shuffle it!


A shortcut to your favorite content

Bookmarking allows you to display content that you wish to access quickly and easily.

Powerful for content you want to pull up fast, such as pricing lists or a demo video to sell an accessory!

Sticky Mode

Your TV always ON!

We have tons of features built into our app. Sticky mode is one of them. Sticky mode allows you to keep that TV on as long as there is power! It is perfect for retail areas where even if the remote gets hit by accident, the loop will continue to play unless a particular key combination is entered!

Content Options

Templates and Videos

You can find different kind of content in our library. Here is a quick definition for each one of them!


We have professional videos created for you. Any category you can imagine, we most likely have it. And in the rare case we do not, please reach out!

Your logo is added to every single video!

Static Templates

Templates are one of our favorite features on the platform. Templates are graphics you can fully edit and customize!

Edit the text and colors, and even translate to 140+ languages instantly!

Dynamic Templates

Dynamic Templates have the same functionality as static templates, but the content is animated!

Think of it as a personal video you are creating where you can change colors and text.

This is one of our TV platform's most-liked features! You can also translate the text with one click.

AdCentral TV app


More platforms mean more possibilities for our users to start right away. Our app runs on the most reliable and popular operating systems to ensure updates are always deployed on time!

AppleTV HD 4th Generation,
AppleTV 4K 5th/6th Generation
Android TV Version 7.1 and newer
Lite 1st Generation, 3rd Generation, 4K 1st Generation, 4K Max 1st Generation

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