Turn walk-in customers into fans!

Numbers can tell a lot about a brand

We understand that likes are a massive part of building trust with customers, and with our Like Counter, you will be able to show those numbers with pride.

The best customer flow

Optimize the money you invest with every walk-in-customer

With every door swing, a new opportunity exists for a sale to occur. There’s a good chance that many walk-in customers may not even follow your social media, so let this remind them!


Join the metaverse

Grow your audience

We know how expensive it is to bring a customer in the door. We want you to retain that customer by adding them to your digital audience.  

You can also check AdCentral Social Media and let us do that job for you!

Lets get connected

How does it work?

Setting up our Live Counter is simple and fast. Just follow these instructions and you’ll have your screen ready in no time.

Step 1

Log in to your account

To link your account, first you need to go to the Social Media Account page and click the “Link Account” button under the meta logo.

Step 2

Link your Facebook account

Then, select your personal account and allow AdCentral access to connect and show all your Facebook Business Accounts.

Step 3

Select your brand’s account

Once access is granted a list with all you accounts will be shown. Select the account you wish to link and click continue.

Final Step

Select your brand’s account

Once the account is linked all you need to do is go to the Social Media Accounts page and select the account you linked previously. Link you Live Counter to a TV to play this feature and you´re done!

Mounted or Portable. Your choice.

Available on tablets and TVs

Did we mention you can also link your tablet and have your Live Counter running in it? Well, now you know!

Screen orientation.

Landscape or portrait, your choice!

Do you also have vertical screens? We offer landscape and portrait mode templates to accommodate all setups!

Learn More

Did we get your attention?

Follow our quick site map and learn more about how AdCentral TV can help you grow your brand.