iPhone testing in less than 10 seconds

The fastest way to check-in a device

What can I do with Check-Ins?

Run your shop with confidence

The fastest platform on the market, with the features you WANT. Streamline your customer intake process with our built-in diagnostics.



Connect any smartphone device and see diagnostic results in under 10 seconds!



Manage your repairs and your clients within our cloud-based platform.


Device Labels

Print a device label for every repair to ensure everything is well organized.

Multi-User Friendly

Unlimited Device Logins

We don't charge you for every logged-in device. Download our app and use it as needed!

Inventory Management

Built for speed

With our inventory management module, you can quickly add, edit, and manage your inventory of services, parts, and accessories!

Forms that are FAST!

Automatic forms

Our automatic forms do all the heavy lifting, so you don't have to!  

We are leaving no stone unturned with our built-in smartphone diagnostics!

Forms that are EASY!

Manual forms

No smartphone? No problem! We built our manual forms for a fast check-in!  

Enter all the details needed so you can quickly get back to repairs.

Simple Notifications

Keep them informed

With our status automation tools you’re able to easily create outgoing SMS or email notifications to your customer during the entire repair process.

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