We've been busy with new updates

We’re constantly making AdCentral better. Here are some of the of notable new features and improvements that we’ve made to AdCentral since it first launched.

Wireless Repair Expo 2022
Networking, feedback and a lot of meet and greets.

Back at Lauderdale for WRE 2022!

Another great conference under the belt. We loved having a direct interaction with you all back in Lauderdale where we talked about what you think about AdCentral and all of our products.

Hearing your concerns and ideas is always well received! See you around next year.

ITC Malta 2022
AdCentral is going international!

A trip to the first ITC convention in Malta was part of our ongoing efforts to bring the best tools to the industry.

It was a great experience, with interesting business ventures, and we hope to return next year!

Mobile Disrupt - Las Vegas 2022
The 2022 conference run has begun!

Attending the Mobile Disrupt conference in Las Vegas last year was a return to our roots. We enjoyed meeting new people from our community and getting to know them personally!

Also, launching our first product ''AdCentral Diagnostics'' to positive reception from everyone present was a fulfilling experience.

Introducing Dynamic Templates
Reaching another level for our users, we present to you: Dynamic Templates!

A new AdCentral TV feature so you can captive your audience.  

- Boost on your products.
- Better graphics.
- Personalize your text.
- Personalize colors.

Get them now!

Social Media Update

Once again we are changing Social Media!

- Get your posts to the NEXT level!
- Atractive content!
- Engaging graphics!

Remember, we post on your Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business, you have 3 posts a week for $1 a moth, while beta lasts!

Automated translation for sites!
This new feature will help our clients around the globe:

- Implement your site in just 5 minutes.
- Translate your site with one click!
- More than 49 languages available!

Diagnostics Launch
A new product has made its way into AdCentral. Introducing Diagnostics!

Diagnostics in seconds and all these cool features:
- IMEI Check
- Advances battery health
- Hands-free diagnostics
- Device Labels
- Cosmetic Grading
- Data Erasure
- Device history Report
- Batch Summary

Check ins first update
We made some nice app enhancements overall and added:

- Asset location.
- Initial form on automatic testing .
- A more detailed activity feed.
- Track repair services or items for each check-in.
- Device label addition of asset location, repair list, and a barcode on IMEI.
- Barcode/qr scanner to find repairs faster .

And we fixed a whole lot of bug to make your experience better.

AdCentral Sites & Check ins
This time we bring you not one, but TWO NEW PRODUCTS that are now available!

1.- AdCentral Sites:
- Build your websites in 5 minutes for $5/mo.
- Variety of website templates to choose from.
- Customize your template with your store information!
- Deploy your site in less than 5 minutes.
- Connect your own domain.

2.- AdCentral Check-ins:
- Your new favorite device intake system!
- Keep track of all your repairs.
- Automatic iPhone tester.
- Print device labels.
- Cloud-based app.

AdCentral + Meta!
AdCentral never stops.

- Prepare to not just interact with the online world but to live through it!  
- Get ready to jump into the Metaverse.
- Meta will be the biggest upcoming opportunity for your business to grow!
- You will connect your best people, your products, your business, in one single place!

For now, we aim to focus on how we can help you take the first steps into the Metaverse. And what better and more fun way to start than converting your in-store visitor into fans? That’s with our Facbook Like Counter! Start by building a solid audience as the Metaverse gets closer. That way you can start creating a loyal community to interact within every universe.

The new face of AdCentral
Our. New. Web App Interface. Is. Now. Live!

We are so thrilled to announce that we’ve just launched our NEW web app interface! – mic drop…

It’s been almost a year since we released AdCentral to the world (we are celebrating our first anniversary in February, so that’s coming soon!). This past year, we’ve tried to open our doors, lines, mailboxes, and all means to our family of subscribers to provide ideas and feedback! That will forever be branded on us. Feedback is invaluable to us. But what do we do with it? It is our job to transform those ideas into actions.

This is why… AdCentral was upgraded and completely reimagined! Our subscribers can now enjoy NEW features (yeah, the ones our fans have been requesting over and over! Cough, cough… Templates and videos in the same place and so on…). We hope these new features inspire you to grow your brand in a faster and easier way!

Facebook like counter
We thought the first step would be to help push your customers to follow you on social media.

We are thrilled to announce AdCentral is now integrated with Facebook(Meta?)! The first feature we are releasing is a Facebook Like counter! And it is FREE! – say wuuut?

You may ask… What does a Facebook Like Counter do? It displays the number of likes you have on your Facebook page, and it updates REAL TIME! (We throw confetti too and make it fun!)

Picture a client walking in to your store. Looking around while you check him in. Him looking at your retail screen, and wondering ‘’what would happen if I clicked a like on your Facebook page?”. What happens next is him watching AdCentral in action! It’s really that simple! The counter will increase the count by one with unique animation and it will throw confetti! If another customer happens to be around, we assure you the trend will continue! – AdCentral FB Like Counter is addicting!

It is definitely a must for any business wanting to grow its social media audience and connect its walk-in customers to a digital audience.

Pro tip: Offer your clients a free tempered glass if they follow your page before leaving the store!

Release 1.10
Releases are always around the corner in AdCentral; and this time we are proud to announce our newest updates!

·       Multiple Store creation

At AdCentral you will now be able to create multiple stores at the time of login. We have streamlined the process to where you can even import a list of stores from a CSV file! This will help you get up and running multiple stores at a time. Soon, our platform will be making more changes to help multi-store owners manage the content more efficiently.

·       Multi-industry is coming soon!

AdCentral is getting ready to launch multi-industry products very soon. This is good because more users will help our platform to be more stable. Also, you will be able to tell more friends and family about us!

Release 1.9
Phew! Finally, we are excited to announce that AdCentral launched its latest feature updates.

The 1.9.0 release has quite a few surprises for our community; this time we are bringing new experiences to our subscribers.

Let’s go through our updates:

·       New onboarding experience + 14 day free trial + mobile verification

We renewed our sign up experience for users that are creating an account on app.joinadcentral. Plus, we’ve made a couple changes and enhancements to it!

·      Want more free days to try AdCentral? Granted!

Once you try AdCentral, you realize that there’s no turning back! Once you experience our content and our amazing app, you’ll understand AdCentral comes at an amazing price. So now you get 14 days to try AdCentral. All without any payment, no obligations, and the ability to cancel anytime!  

·      Personal Information

As you know, we are big on automation. We understand running amazing content in your retail stores is not only a matter of money. It is also a matter of time. If you are already part of our family, head over to your account settings>store profile and complete your personal information to verify your phone and start receiving important notes about your account!  

·       New goodies released!

We enjoy new content being uploaded each week – new videos and new templates. But what about our personalized screen? To change your personalized screen, go over to your web app>store settings>personalized screen and select your favorite asset.

Psst! As a pro tip: You could unify your personalized screen according to your special deals of the month!

Logo Add Ons
Marketing marketing marketing. I have said it before, and I will say it again.

At AdCentral, we eat, breathe, and sleep marketing. Our creative teams are constantly thinking of innovation

One of the things we have learned is to always keep moving. As an entrepreneur, you can probably appreciate the importance of this. Marketing is the same. We want to make sure your store is always looking fresh, and your frequent customers (which we hope you have a lot) are always surprised to constantly find new things when they come in.

We thought one of the best ways to show constant change so is through your logo. We wanted to have a rotational asset always present and something that would grab attention towards your brand. After several ideas being thrown around, we decided the logo would be the best way to tackle this. So, we are now introducing “log add ons.”

10 Templates And Rotation Timer
AdCentral keeps getting better and better by the day! Personalized Screen was introduced recently as a way for every store to brand each TV when reproducing videos.

We designed the Personalized Screen to grab the attention of any in-store customer using a colorful screen and a beautiful-looking picture. More than this, it would also show your brand’s big logo and website.

While AdCentral is normalizing in-store marketing for many retail repair shops around the globe, think of all the stores which don’t have access to it. Heck! Even outside of the repair world. How many times do you walk into a retail store (any industry) to find a TV on the wall with hideous content, a low-quality logo, or even turned off!

Custom, custom, custom.
In this release, we wanted to offer more customization to empower your brand even further. You are now able to customize your logo and your personalized screen!

Your logo – Stroke is a fancy name for the circle going around your logo on the adcentral platform (currently purple). Well, now you can change the stroke color!

Not only that, but we have an algorithm in place to intelligently pick the colors from your logo, so your branding can stay as unified as possible.

For those who may not want a stroke around their logo, you can now remove it and choose to leave your logo on your original color or any of our three filters commonly used for video purposes!

AdCentral Templates
AdCentral is back at it with more updates, and this one is a big one! We have been working on making our software better for you to automate in-store marketing using your TVs.

One of the things we hear constantly is the need for more customization. AdCentral commitment to improving your brand goes beyond a cool app to easily update content.

We are also committed to delivering outstanding premium content. We sat down to think long and hard on how to do this, and we came up with something called TEMPLATES!…

Free Plan
We are super thrilled to launch the AdCentral free version! The mission of AdCentral is to help repair shops grow their brand.

We want professional-looking videos in every shop around the world, and we are happy to empower that. Through our forever Free Plan, you will have the opportunity to experience AdCentral full power and an easy-to-use platform to start growing your brand.

One of the early things we learned was people loved our app so much; they wanted it on more than one TV at a time!

We are now making it happen; you can now set up three devices per account for the same subscription fee! Talk about increasing value overnight!

“We are very thankful to all our clients. Thank you for allowing us to grow your brand over the last two months. It has been super fun to see happy faces and great reviews so far. ”

Israel, Co-founder and CEO of AdCentral

Playlists Available
You can’t have three devices per account playing the same content over and over.

That would be boring, and boring is a word we dislike at AdCentral!

That is why now you can create playlists to have specific content playing around your shop. For example, setting a tv up behind your pre-owned device display with pre-owned device videos; a tv playing accessories videos right in between your slat walls.

We are sure you will get creative with the new playlist feature and take advantage of targeting your products and services within your repair shop!

Personalized Screen
We developed an opportunity to personalize your marketing and keep your store info in sight between videos:
A personalization screen! 🎉

The information displayed on this screen will be automatically retrieved from the information provided by you.

So, if you want to change any of the information displayed, you can directly edit it on the “Store Profile” section on Settings. With this feature we want to make an impact to your business, giving you more than just a logo to exhibit your brand.

A better bookmark experience
Alright, our Bookmark functionality has one simple but convenient goal: give you quick access to those videos which you consider the most nifty. Yes!

Those which will help you close any sell for sure. Give it a try! On this release we’ve put some effort to improve its ease of use and efficiency.

7 Day Free trial
So many people have asked us for a trial version, and we are now delivering!

We quickly realized the importance of vertical screens and 2 weeks after our launch, we are now adding it! When you experience our vertical screens, it is not only the videos, but also the full app will orientate accordingly!

Horizontal and Vertical videos supported!
When we launched AdCentral, we missed users who had TVs mounted vertically.

We quickly realized the importance of vertical screens and 2 weeks after our launch, we are now adding it! When you experience our vertical screens, it is not only the videos, but also the full app will orientate accordingly!

AdCentral Launch
“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” –Plato