Introducing AdCentral Social Media.

Grow your social media presence

Stop overspending on content for your social media accounts, and let us take over with our auto-posting with content included!

Manage one or thousands of stores.

Why AdCentral Social Media?

We are the only all-in-one solution providing you with everything you need and giving you access to a vast library of custom designs, paired with our auto-posting. We give you more flexibility with automation!

Easy sign up.

Create an account

First, sign up with a Google account and follow the prompts to set up your account in under a minute.  

If you already have an account, you can go to your dashboard and click on the Social Media tab!


Add as many stores as needed!

You can control as many locations as you’d like. We built our platform for retail locations. And we understand that managing multiple locations is vital for every brand.

Enterprise accounts support permissions, design guidelines, custom dashboards, and any additional integration needed.

Automated Posting.

Connect your accounts

Linking a device with us is easy peasy! Our TV app will provide a six-digit code to link that device to your account.

Once a tv is linked, you can name it to ensure you send the content intended for that part of the store. For example, Accessory Wall will have a loop with content about accessories.

Date and time.

You choose when to post!

You can choose what days and times you want us to post on your connected accounts—giving you the freedom to choose based on your brand preferences.


You choose when to post!

Bookmarking allows you to display content that you wish to access quickly and easily.

Powerful for content you want to pull up fast, such as pricing lists or a demo video to sell an accessory!


Keep an eye on engagement!

We make it easy to see what posts were engaging and what your audience is reacting to within our platform. All of your analytics are in one place!

Find out all our features here!

Bulk edits.

Your info on every post!

Add additional information such as hashtags, custom text, your store phone number, and address to all posts.

We provide everything for your post.

Shuffle the image and post description

Do you see an image or caption you don’t like? With an easy click on “shuffle” you can go through our library until you find one you love!


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