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Facebook Like Counter! 🎉

Published on
April 25, 2022
Israel Quintal
CEO, AdCentral
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Lives are evolving digitally and the digital landscape is looking very promising. COVID-19 has pushed the forward button into the digital world and most customers are loving it. However, for retail businesses, this could be a challenge. One of the smartest ways to capture your client’s attention and to be able to retain them is to push them to become your digital audience. 

In simpler words, we need a retail customer to become part of your social media fan base.

We thought the first step would be to help push your customers to follow you on social media. We are thrilled to announce AdCentral is now integrated with Facebook(Meta?)! The first feature we are releasing is a Facebook Like counter! And it is FREE! – say wuuut? 

You may ask… What does a Facebook Like Counter do? It displays the number of likes you have on your Facebook page, and it updates REAL TIME! (We throw confetti too and make it fun!)

Picture a client walking in to your store. Looking around while you check him in. Him looking at your retail screen, and wondering ‘’what would happen if I clicked a like on your Facebook page?”. What happens next is him watching AdCentral in action! It’s really that simple! The counter will increase the count by one with unique animation and it will throw confetti! If another customer happens to be around, we assure you the trend will continue! – AdCentral FB Like Counter is addicting! 

It is definitely a must for any business wanting to grow its social media audience and connect its walk-in customers to a digital audience.

Pro tip: Offer your clients a free tempered glass if they follow your page before leaving the store!

Every like counts! Once your counter is set on aTV or tablet, watch the magic happen. Let your customers experience the real-time animation that is fun and engaging (we can help with that dopamine dose of reward). Let’s face it, everybody in your store is gonna try it just to see how it works. 

We cannot wait for our community to try our counter; if you’re interested in becoming a beta tester of this new feature contact us ASAP

Stay tuned for more Facebook features on your AdCentral account to help you grow your brand!