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Mobile Sentrix Brands

Published on
March 30, 2022
Israel Quintal
CEO, AdCentral
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When we first launched, we promised MobileSentrix brands in our platform, but why? AdCentral is committed to your brand growth.


Part of our efforts to make your brand grow is for you to have premium content in your shop. We are constantly looking for partners that would increase value in your shops. We strongly believe MobileSentrix is one of those partners. We are focusing on specific brands from MobileSentrix that will be interesting to your customers. Brands like Casper, Ampsentrix, AQ7, and XO7.


All of these brands can be advertised to your end consumer to help you increase sales. What is cool about this partnership is AdCentral controls the creative piece to change content as needed, until that sweet spot is found where your customers happen to look at the videos and ask about these brands.

Remember, your feedback is always welcome!

When you go to your dashboard you see what we call “categories”, with different products and services you can promote. Here, you will find the “MobileSentrix” category, which you will be able to add to your playlist. You can click on the “add” button, and the MobileSentrix category will start shuffling within your playlist. We are very thrilled to say, today we add the MobileSentrix category for you to be able to add it to your playlist. We are excited this is the first brand we add to help promote your in store products to your end consumer while growing your brand. Enjoy!