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Release 1.4

Published on
March 30, 2022
Israel Quintal
CEO, AdCentral
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At AdCentral, we continue to strive to serve all of you guys with premium content for your repair shops. When we decided to launch, we wanted to be part of the worldwide change by helping repair shops grow their brands. We decided to take the first step by automating in-store video marketing. As fancy as that might sound, our goal is to provide stream-ready content from a TV device where you can essentially plug and play videos to help your brand grow. Growing your brand can happen using videos to evangelize your core values or push products and services to your walk-in customers from a TV. By having premium videos playing in your reception area, your customers will take away information you or your staff will usually not transmit throughout the check-in process.


AdCentral goes beyond premium content. We want AdCentral videos to be an experience for you and your customer. Your customers will see your logo on every screen, which is done automatically through our powerful app. Forget sending this to a marketing agency to have everything re-rendered. When you sign up, we ask you to provide primary data about your store. This info is later converted into a personalized screen for your customer to take away the feeling you are a premium retail store.


With this in mind, we understand as a start-up, we still have a long way to go to make sure our product is as effective as it can be. We also believe there is no way we would ever be happy with the results we get for you because there is always room for improvement. Luckily, we are a software company dedicated to marketing and not all the other way around. What this means is we will iterate our app frequently, adding and improving features. You can always follow our (link) Page to keep up with all our updates.




One of the most significant features in this release is our FREE version. That is right, FREE! From the very beginning, we wanted to make sure we had a free product available. Why? You might ask. Well, truthfully, our app is unique, not only to our industry but to any industry. While there are plenty of digital signage apps out there, none of them give you content ready to go to be industry-specific. The value on content ready to go might be hard to grasp unless you have tried it yourself. Behind each video, there is a lot of work such as what product or service it promotes, audience, copy (wording), purpose, music, scope. If you walk into a marketing agency and you ask for a back cover repair video, you might be in shock after the number of questions they’ll need to understand what you exactly need. And from that point to a ready-to-publish video, you will have to wait weeks plus spare time constantly to review to make sure your video is all you wanted it to be. With AdCentral, you only have to worry about choosing a category! We have thought of every category for you because we also eat and breathe repair.


Having a free version out accomplishes our goal to help repair shops around the world grow their brand. We are sure once you experience AdCentral, you will want unlimited access to the video library and premium features.




Another feature released in this version is you can now link up to 3 devices per account! That is right. We went from one device to three devices for the same subscription fee! At AdCentral, we are constantly looking at improving our app and reducing our costs. Thanks to the excellent customer response and amount of subscribers, our server costs have gone down. Instead of pocketing the savings for ourselves, we decided to pass those savings on to you! So now, you can link up to 3 devices under your account. Whether you want to have three TV devices in your shop or have three shops and one TV device each, this feature allows you to do so. In return, we ask you to help us spread the word of what we are doing for you and your customers, and send us any feedback on how we can make the app better!




Early on, customers reached out asking if they could create playlists as a feature. The more we thought about it, the more it made sense. Here are some ways on how you can maximize this feature.


  • Create a playlist for different parts of your store—accessories playlist for TV on your accessories wall.
  • Create a playlist to run certain days of the week or certain weeks of the month. Screen protection on Monday and Tuesday. Computer service on Wednesday andThursday. Android repair the rest of the week.
  • Are your iPad repair sales low? Select a playlist with this category only and play it for a month to help your in-store sales.


These were the add ons for our 1.4 release, and we hope you enjoy them! We encourage you to send us feedback or ideas any time!