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Release 1.6 IS HERE!

Published on
April 22, 2022
Israel Quintal
CEO, AdCentral
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Custom, custom, custom.

The idea of AdCentral is to empower your brand, giving you premium content and enabling you to customize the platform as much as possible! 


Premium content allows customers to be engaged quickly. When a customer sees powerful videos ora beautiful template, a barrier to establish trust in your brand is significantly less. 


We all know that feeling of going to an establishment, walking in because you need the service, with substantial internal doubt if the people are legit and trustworthy. It is not easy to trust your personal life living inside a device to any person! However, to help your customers trust you, you need to build your brand! 


When a new best buy store opens its doors, you are not concerned if the warranty is the same or not. You know exactly what to expect. That is the power of a brand. 


When customers walk into a retail shop with powerful graphics, it tells a story. A story that might be hard to ignore. It means there is a brand being pushed. It means someone cares about the image of the business. It might be a differentiator between you being able to upsell a repair or an accessory. If your logo is on every single screen, the story told is very different from an unbranded shop. Remember, the power of a brand is in the details.


Your logo always represents all these branding efforts. Let that sink in for a minute or two. Your logo, a single image, holds the whole weight of your brand. 


In this release, we wanted to offer more customization to empower your brand even further. You are now able to customize your logo and your personalized screen! 


Your logo – Stroke is a fancy name for the circle going around your logo on the AdCentral platform (currently purple). Well, now you can change the stroke color! Not only that, but we have an algorithm in place to intelligently pick the colors from your logo, so your branding can stay as unified as possible. For those who may not want a stroke around their logo, you can now remove it and choose to leave your logo on your original color or any of our three filters commonly used for video purposes! 


Personalized screen – Blue is pretty, but we understand color is a big part of branding. So now you can choose any color you want for your personalized screen! 


These options can be found under your store profile starting today; please make sure to check for app updates for your tv devices continuously. 


Thank you for trusting us to grow your brand!