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Release 1.8

Published on
April 22, 2022
Israel Quintal
CEO, AdCentral
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Logo Add Ons


Marketing marketing marketing. I have said it before, and I will say it again. At AdCentral, we eat, breathe, and sleep marketing. Our creative teams are constantly thinking of innovation. I love going through our Slack channels and constantly reading new ideas. I love seeing people challenged and teams requesting opinions and criticism. The overall objectivity of everyone trying to solve the same issue is “How do we help brands grow”? And it is contagious!

One of the things we have learned is to always keep moving. As an entrepreneur, you can probably appreciate the importance of this. Marketing is the same. We want to make sure your store is always looking fresh, and your frequent customers (which we hope you have a lot) are always surprised to constantly find new things when they come in.

We thought one of the best ways to show constant change so is through your logo. We wanted to have a rotational asset always present and something that would grab attention towards your brand. After several ideas being thrown around, we decided the logo would be the best way to tackle this. So, we are now introducing “log add ons.”

A logo add-on is an image that would go around your logo, theme-specific, depending on holidays, events, seasons, and more as we continue to develop this feature further. You can find logo add ons in your web app > settings > store profile >Store Logo. We encourage you to use it!

As always, we would love your feedback, and we thank you for using AdCentral to grow your brand!